WHITE SAPPHIRE 0.90 CTS 15803 Beautiful Princess Cut

WHITE SAPPHIRE 0.90 CTS 15803 Beautiful Princess Cut

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Beautiful Center-stone for an engagement Ring.
Heated to enhance Luster and Color - The industry standard for Sapphire.
Will make a Gorgeous Ring or Pendent accented with Diamonds.
Ideal for Designer Jewelry.
Gem with High Luster and Good Clarity.
A Gem of Lasting Beauty.
White Sapphire - The closest Natural substitute for Diamond. Has Diamond like Luster.

Refractive Index: 1.759-1.778
Hardness: 9
Chemical Comp: AL22O3
Density: 4.00
Crystal Group: Hexagonal

White Sapphires - Sri Lanka is well known for the finest quality sapphires. The colorless is the White Sapphire – the closest natural substitute for Diamond. Its hardness is next to Diamond with outstanding brilliance.Mining continues from ancient times to this day. Sri Lanka is known for producing the largest sapphires in the world.

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