BLUE SAPPHIRE PAIR 1.48 Cts 19921 - Gorgeous Gem for Ear Studs

BLUE SAPPHIRE PAIR 1.48 Cts 19921 - Gorgeous Gem for Ear Studs

  • $390.00

Carats 1.48
Size 5.6 x 4 mm
Color Dark Blue
Clarity VC
Shape Cushion
Treatment Heated
Origin Sri Lanka
Location Colombo, Sri Lanka
Price $ 390.00
Heated to enhance Lustre and Color - The industry standard for Sapphire.
Will make a Gorgeous pair of earrings
Gem with High Lustre and Good Clarity.
Blue Sapphire: The most sought after color of Sapphire Chosen as the ideal gift for Royality.

Refractive Index: 1.759-1.778
Hardness: 9
Chemical Comp: AL22O3
Density: 4.00
Crystal Group: Hexagonal

The Sapphire belongs to the corundum group, with excellent hardness, exceeded only by Diamond –the hardest mineral on Earth. The oldest sapphire finds are in Ceylon, or Sri Lanka as it is known today where they are mined from ancient times. Ceylon sapphires are recognized by the luminosity of their light to mid-blue colors. Ranging from blue to purple and pink.
Top-quality sapphires are extremely rare. Beauty, magnificent color, transparency, and durability are the main features. Color determines the value of a sapphire. Sri Lanka is known for the finest and the largest sapphires in the world.

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