SPINEL DARK PURPLE 4.11 Cts - 20041 - Beautiful Gem

SPINEL DARK PURPLE 4.11 Cts - 20041 - Beautiful Gem

  • $190.00

Carats 4.11
Size 9.2 x 8.4 mm
Color Dark Maroon
Clarity VC
Shape Octagon
Treatment None
Origin Sri Lanka
Location Colombo, Sri Lanka
Price $ 190.00
100% Natural - Not treated in any way.
Will make a Gorgeous Ring or Pendent accented with Diamonds.
Large Sizes are Extremely Rare!
A Gem of Lasting Beauty.

Refractive Index: 1.718 (-.006, +.044)
Hardness: 8
Chemical Comp: MgAl2O4
Density: 3.60 (-.03, +.30)
Crystal Group: Cubic

Spinel: Many famous rubies in crown jewels around the world are actually spinels. The most famous is the Black Prince's ruby, and the The Timor Ruby,
Spinel was recognized as a distinct gem variety only in the late 19th century through hardness and X-ray tests. Until then were mixed with Rubies due to similarity in color and brilliance.
Spectacular colors are a hot pink and Red. Also comes in a range of gorgeous pastel shades of pink blue and purple.
Cobalt Spinels, are very rare, found almost exclusively in Sri Lanka. Fine Red spinels are now rarer than Rubies.

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