BERYL WHITE 4.28 Cts - 20051 - Highly Lustrous Gem

BERYL WHITE 4.28 Cts - 20051 - Highly Lustrous Gem

  • $150.00

Carats 4.28
Size 10.7 x 9 mm
Color White
Clarity VC
Shape Octagon
Treatment None
Origin Sri Lanka
Location Colombo, Sri Lanka
Price $ 150.00
100% Natural - Not treated in any way.
Rare Collectors Gem
Will make a Gorgeous Ring or Pendent accented with Diamonds.
Gem with High Lustre and Good Clarity.
Large Sizes are Extremely Rare!
A Gem of Lasting Beauty.
Beryl: Color-less Beryl is Rare. A gem of high brilliance used for making spectacles in ancient times

Refractive Index: 1.577(+-.016), 1.583 (+-.017)
Hardness: 7.5
Chemical Comp: Be3Al2 (SiO3)6
Density: 2.67-2.745
Crystal Group: Hexagonal

Beryls are beryllium-aluminium-silicates. As pure beryl, they are colorless, but coloration is derived from impurities - into green, yellow, pink or blue. Iron colors beryl into Blue- the most beautiful sea-blue Aquamarine.
Traces of iron, and minerals containing uranium, give a colorless beryl an Intense yellow tone - the Golden beryl.

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