STAR SAPPHIRE PURPLE 3.01 Cts 18330 Beautiful 6 Ray Star

STAR SAPPHIRE PURPLE 3.01 Cts 18330 Beautiful 6 Ray Star

  • $250.00

Carats 3.01
Size 7.9 x 7.3 mm
Color Medium Purple
Clarity VC
Shape Oval
Treatment None
Origin Sri Lanka
Location Colombo, Sri Lanka
Price $ 250.00
100% Natural - Not treated in any way.
Beautiful Center-stone for an engagement Ring.
Will make a Gorgeous Ring or Pendent accented with Diamonds.
Beautiful sharp Star effect.
Large Sizes are Extremely Rare!
A Gem of Lasting Beauty.

Refractive Index: 1.759-1.778
Hardness: 9
Chemical Comp: AL2O3
Density: 4.00
Crystal Group: Hexagonal

Star Sapphires display a 6 rayed star - By light reflecting off the silky crystallizations of rutile inside called asterism.
Star Sapphires comes in a range of colors but the finer Blues, Reds, Green yellow orange and Padparaschas are extremely rare.
Some color-change Corundum also displays asterism, and is called Color-change Star Sapphires.
Top-quality sapphires are extremely rare. Beauty, magnificent color, transparency, and durability are the main features.
Color and asterism determines the value of a star sapphire. Sri Lanka is known for the finest and the largest sapphires in the world.

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